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Lagos en Tulum

3 lagos en Tulum

Lagos en Tulum
Cenote Tankah (Casa Cenote)
Es un cenote en el cual puedes hacer diferentes actividades pasear en kayac, tirarte por varias tirolinas, bañarte en un cenote de agua clistalina y saltar desde una piedra situada a 5 metros de altura del cenote, pasamos un dial genial. La apertura es desde las 10:00 hasta las 17:00 La entrada son 600 pesos mexicanos cada euro equivale mas o menos a 19 pesos. Dependiendo de la cantidad de actividades que quieras hacer.
Lagos en Tulum
Sian Ka'an "Where the sky is born" The tour begins with a visit to the Muyil ruins, an exceptionally well-preserved site, whose structures date back around the post-classic period of 1200 to 1500 AC. Boat ride through the Muyil and Chunyaxché Lagoons. Riding along the crystalline turquoise waters of the lagoons, we will reach the Xtlapak ruins where we hop into an ancient canal built by the Mayans over 1000 years ago. While the gentle current pushes us along for approximately 45 minutes, we can enjoy bird songs and the whisper of the wind above. Float down a Mayan Canal While floating down the Mayan canal, we visit Xtlapak, a checkpoint or customs stop where travellers wishing to pass had to pay a tax. Return by Boat. After the absolutely enchanting experience of floating down the canal for 1km, a boat will return us to our next transport heading to the ecological park. Explore the ecological park with a hike through the forest. There are three difficulty levels to choose from. Once arrived at the cenote, we will enjoy a thrilling zipline ride and a relaxing kayak crossing while watching freshwater fish. Surrounded by lush jungle, we will visit a breathtaking cenote, where we can snorkel in the clear waters (snorkeling equipment will be provided). Choose from a wide variety of authentic local dishes: chicken pokchu, pork, hand-made tortillas, salads, rice and beans. Meals include a drink, coffee, and dessert. Any additional consumption will be charged directly to the customer. Mayan Village With our appetites satisfied, we will take a walk through a Mayan village. Please note that this is anauthentic Mayan village where the park's inhabitants live and work and interestingly also have their own administration and commissioner. Once the village tour is complete, we are ready to begin heading back to your hotels. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLcErdiGvMw
Lagos en Tulum
Laguna de Kaan Luum
Una laguna en medio de la selva, en ella se encuentra un cenote ideal para espeleobuceo. Es posible realizar algunas actividades acuáticas y relajarse con la familia. Tiene un área de servicios. Se encuentra 10 minutos de Tulum rumbo a Felipe Carrillo Puerto.