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1 opinión sobre Quellomayo

I live in quellomayo and it is a beau...

I live in Quellomayo and it is a beautiful tiny village in the cloud forest near machu picchu. Sadly, in 1998 and again just this month the heavy rains have affected the rivers and now the old town has almost disappeared.

Nevertheless, there are still families living here and we are surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and amazing fauna.

My Peruvian family has a small restaurant in the village and we are nearly ready to open with hammocks, local and international food and a variety of recreational games and areas. We love living here and enjoy meeting the people who stop by.

If you get the chance to visit quellomayo it is on the road between Santa María and Santa Teresa.
Andrew Bruton

Información Quellomayo

Dirección de Quellomayo
Cusco, Santa teresa la convencion, Quellomayo
Cusco, Santa teresa la convencion, Quellomayo
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